Monday, May 17, 2010

Educational Standards

We're in the process of adding some fairly descriptive educational standards to each of the Grade Level Home Pages in the Teachers area of Kids' Money. These standards address the five major areas of financial education and include grade level Performance Objectives for each area. We believe they can be quite helpful to Teachers and Parents alike. Please take a minute and let us know what you think. Thank you.


  1. Thanks David. This is great stuff and really helpful to my company in putting together resources tied to entrepreneurship for kids.



  2. I am curious as to where you are finding or using the educational standards from. I think its great that you are implementing standards which will be helpful to teachers- getting kids involved in understanding finances early on is imperative these days. I am looking forward to seeing the improvements on the site. -Anne

  3. The national standards are published by Jumpstart, a organization that serves as a clearinghouse for information focused on teaching financial education in schools.

    At the local level, most states set the standard for school districts within their state. We feature standards from Illinois and Arizona to give visitors an idea of what states are doing.